A great trip combining the best of both countries, plus the unique experience of crossing the Andes in two occasions! Starting from Central Argentina in Cordoba and heading northwest towards the highlands, we will see over 60 species of cacti many of them blooming and or seeding. See from the small Rebutias and Parodias, to several forests of Trichocereus pasacana. After crossing the Andes the first time, we will arrive in northern Chile, where we will visit Cordillera de la sal!  Along the Chilean coast we will see most of Copiapoa species, with spectacular populations of Copiapoa dealbata, C. columna-alba C. haseltoniana, among others.

Heading back to Argentina, we will cross the San Francisco Pass, the highest pass of the Andes: with an altitude of 4350 meters (over 14.000 feet !), aquamarine lakes, flamingoes, and volcanos reaching 6800 meters will take your breath away!


....and their flora and fauna