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Where, When, How much?


Planned to match Flowering season of Aloes

DATES: July 2019


PRICE: $ 4350

Price: $ 4350., all-inclusive except air fare.  Single occupancy $ 680 (this may be slightly less; this high single occupancy is because hotels charge same for double or single room)



....and their flora and fauna

Stapelia gigantea
Pachypodium saundersii3
Pachypodium saundersii2
Pachypodium saundersii
Pachypodium saundersii together with Aloe spicata, in Namaacha, southern Mozambique
Ledebouria zebrina
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
Huernia leachii from Zembe mount in Manica province
Huernia hislopii2
Huernia hislopii
Euphorbia wildii
Huernia erectiloba
Euphorbia sp, from Montepuez, Cabo delgado province, northern Mozambique
Euphorbia sp from Montepuez, in Cabo Delgado province northern Mozambqie
Euphorbia sp from Jaiane Mount in Nampula province Northern Mozambique
Euphorbia mlanjeana, from Ribaue mountain, in Nampula province, nothern Mozambique
Euphorbia graniticola
Euphorbia cooperi from zembe mountain in manica province
euphorbia corniculata
Euphorbia clavigera, from Moamba district Maputo province southern Mozambique
Encephalartos manikensis from Garuzo mount in Manica Province center of Mozambique
Encephalartos ferox
Encephalartos turneri
Cyphostemma sp,(vitaceae family). from Cabo delgado province in Balama distrisct northern Mozambique
Crassula sp, from Ribaue mountain, Nampula province northern Mozambque
Crassula swaziensis from Namaacha district, Maputo province southern Mozambique
Caudex, apocynaceae family. From Maputo province southern Mozambique
Aloe tauri
Boophane disticha
Aloe suprafoliata from Namaacha in ponduine mountan southern Mozambique
Aloe spicata
Aloe Ribauensis
Aloe pienaarii
Aloe Ribauensis2
Aloe pienaari, from Goba, in Maputo province southern Mozambique
Aloe parvibracteata
Aloe parvibracteata , close to Moamba district, In Maputo province southern Mozamque
Aloe mawii
Aloe munchii
aloe mawii from Nampula
Aloe marlothii from Goba, southern Mozambique
Aloe Komatiensis from Chongoene's dunes, in Gaza province, southern Mozambique
Aloe globuligemma
Aloe excelsa
Aloe cryptopoda
Aloe cryptopoda from Gorongosa mountain in Sofala province center of Mozambique
Aloe chabaudii2
Aloe chabaudii, nice variation from Mocuba.
Aloe chabaudii var mlajeana
aloe cameronii
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