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The highest plateau on earth - the Bolivian Altiplano!

A logistically challenging excursion in 4x4s, not offered very often. The trip will focus on Cactaceae (Lobivia, Rebutia, Sulcorebutia, Trichocereus, etc) but we will encounter other interesting flora and fauna.

We will spend an entire day visiting the islands within the largest salt flats in the world (visible from the moon): Uyuni Salt Flat.

An extension to Carrasco and Amboro National Parks in central Bolivia will be offered to see bromeliads, orchids and rich fauna and birdlife.

Where, When & How Much?

17 Days

November 2025

Starts and ends in La Paz

10 to 11


Taking Expressions of Interest



All-inclusive, except air fare


Per Person

+ US$480

Single Occupancy

Our Habitats

...and their flora and fauna
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