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Orchids and Bromeliads with experts!

A trip to the Andean region of Colombia, exploring its three ranges: Cordillera Oriental, east of Bogota, Cordillera Central, on the other side of Magdalena Valley, and Cordillera Occidental, west of the Cauca Valley, and before the Pacific region.

Because of differences in elevation, many habitats serve as a home for Bromeliads to grow. We will discover subtropical and tropical habitats not only rich in Orchids and Bromeliads such as Guzmania, Tillandsia, Vriesea and Pitcairnia, but also rich in butterflies and birds. An Orchid expert will co-guide the tour, visiting incredible pristine habitats, as well as national parks and reserves.

Where, When & How Much?

16 Days


Starts in Bogotá and ends in Cali

10 to 12


Taking Expressions of Interest

Mini bus


All-inclusive, except air fare


Per Person

+ US$550

Single Occupancy

Our Habitats

...and their flora and fauna
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