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Madagascar North

Succulents and wildlife: lemurs, chameleons, and more!

“The island of the big trees”

After a number of trips to central and southern Madagascar, we are ready to explore the rest of the island: a journey to the north and central north to see more: the other Adansonia (baobabs), but also Aloe, Euphorbia, and Pachypodium

The island is not only rich in plant endemisms (plants that are only found in this place), but also unusual animals: Lemurs and Chameleons are almost exclusively found in Madagascar.

Where, When & How Much?

17 Days


Starts and ends in Antananarivo

10 to 11


Taking Expressions of Interest



All-inclusive, except air fare


Per Person

+ US$600

Single Occupancy

Our Habitats

...and their flora and fauna
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